Green and Mean! Liberals Wrong to Attack Melania Trump Over ‘Nature’ Cures

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By Jay Strongman | 10:31 am, March 9, 2017

First Ladies are more used to praise than vilification. But it’s time to ask: Will Melania Trump ever catch a break?

Under the misleading headlines “First Lady Suggests People Losing Healthcare Should Rely On Nature For Cures” and “Melania Just Said  ‘Gift Of Nature’ Will Heal Sick Children, Ignores Obamacare Repeal,” leftist blogs have lambasted the First Lady for daring to suggest that nature might play a part in benefiting sick children.

An article on the Ring Of Fire blog was especially critical, falsely claiming that “First Lady Melania Trump defended the president’s intentions to repeal the Affordable Care Act by suggesting that Americans who lose their healthcare shouldn’t be too worried because they can just turn to the healing properties of nature.”

In reality, the First Lady didn’t attempt to link natural remedies with repeal of the ACA at all. Indeed, speaking at a children’s hospital in Washington D.C. on March 1 st, she actually spoke to young patients and their families about “how the gift of nature and the beauties of the outdoors can contribute to the healing process” and told the attending press corps that “I am a passionate believer in integrating and interpreting nature’s elements into our daily lives to create a warm, nurturing and positive environment. I believe that these same natural benefits can be instrumental to enhancing the health and well-being of all children.”

All of which sounds like exactly the kind of sentiment you would expect nature-loving liberals and progressives to support. After all, there’s a growing conensus that America is an overly medicated nation, that being in more natural surroundings can help the healing process and that Big Pharma has too much of a monopoly on the nation’s medical industry.

The Left are extremely suspicious of Big Pharma too, so you’d think that they would applaud any argument for the promotion of a more natural form of healthcare. Of course, if Melania’s comments had been made by either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, then the Left would be praising them as a much needed start to the conversation about natural remedies and making children appreciate nature more.

We’d also see a string of positive articles and gushing TV news stories about nature’s proven positive effects on the nation’s health and the wisdom of Hillary/Michelle in starting that debate (in much the same way that the media fawned over Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative).

But, of course, as this is President Trump’s wife they can’t bring themselves to do that. Instead they sneer and try to politicize Melania’s comments to make it appear that she was doing her best Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” impersonation and suggesting that, as the Ring Of Fire blog put it, that “the Trump family believes that a bit of fresh air is enough to heal what ails you.”

An innocent and constructive attitude to the integration of health and nature gets turned into a typical Republicans-don’t-want-Americans-to-have-healthcare argument and the First Lady’s benign comments bizarrely become twisted into something seen as “alarming and misguided”.

This faux outrage is a handy reminder, if one was needed, of the hypocrisy that surrounds liberal views on nature and the environment. The liberal-left are forever banging on about the benefits of Mother Nature but when the First Lady suggests that bringing more nature into children’s lives might be beneficial for them then, of course, she’s an uncaring, elitist monster.

It’s that same streak of hypocrisy that runs through celebrity environmentalist Leonardo Di Caprio’s use of private jets to jaunt around the globe whilst he scolds ordinary citizens to cut back on their carbon footprint.

A similar strand of shameless falsity occurred when anti-fossil fuels campaigner Al-Inconvenient-Truth-Gore sold his Current TV enterprise for $100 Million to Al-Jazeera which is funded by the oil-rich sultans of Qatar.

This same hypocrisy leads progressives to moan about preserving America’s vanishing green spaces whilst, at the same time, expecting the country to take in unlimited numbers of new immigrants and their families (who, of course, will eventually need to be housed in homes likely to be built on those same green spaces).

It’s almost as though the Left are only really interested in the environment and all things natural when it suits their narrative and promotes their agenda. But natural healing and the part that nature has to play in keeping us healthy and healing more quickly is too important to become just another progressive talking point. For instance, it’s been proven that hospital patients in rooms with windows looking out on trees and greenery recover quicker than patients with no view or views of brick walls.

The Left are always quick to say that they are pro-science and that the Right are “anti-science” and yet when push comes to shove it seems that the growing scientific evidence linking healing and nature can be disregarded merely to continue a partisan political vendetta against the current First Lady.