‘Girls’ Actress Allison Williams: Women Politicians Are Better Communicators

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 9:34 pm, June 23, 2017

Girls actress Allison Williams is renowned for being ultra-cautious compared with her former co-star and our old friend Lena Dunham when it comes to her life and career.

Williams didn’t go nude in HBO’s Girls and, perhaps because her father is scandal-plagued MSNBC talking-head Brian Williams, she hasn’t made many eyebrow-raising statements over the years.

But perhaps feeling liberated after having acted in hit race horror movie Get Out, Williams is now being less guarded and saying what she thinks. Turns out she thinks women are better communicators than men and “the next election is going to be about communication.” In other words, in 2020 we’re finally going to have a female President.

Williams told Politico’s Women Rule podcast that women politicians…rule. She said: “I think one of the things that I continually notice is that the female politicians we have have a way of communicating that the men don’t. The men talk at people. The women seem to talk to people.

“This next election is going to be about communication more than anything else. It’s going to be about who is the best at conveying their ideas without using phrases we’ve heard a million times at each stump speech.”

Who does she have in mind? “[Kirsten] Gillibrand, Elizabeth [Warren], Kamala [Harris]…all of them have in common this ease with communication because they genuinely believe what they’re saying.”

As for Hillary Clinton’s lamentable communication style, it was all OK because she’s been in the public eye for decades.

“The idea of the way she communicated never bothered me but I think that’s because I was watching someone talk who chose her words carefully and understood that they mattered…the fact that it might have played into her ability to govern is something I take issue with.”