German Manhunt Ends As Police Arrest Syrian Refugee Suspected of Plotting Terrorist Attack

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By Zeke Turner & Eyk Henning | 7:20 am, October 10, 2016

Police said early Monday that they had arrested a 22-year-old Syrian refugee suspected of planning a terror attack in Germany, capping a two-day manhunt.

“We are tired but overjoyed,” Saxony’s state police announced on Twitter after the arrest of Jaber Albakr, who had eluded capture during a police raid on his apartment here early Saturday. Albakr was arrested in Leipzig, another city in eastern Germany about an hour’s drive away.

The German domestic intelligence agency had tipped off Saxony authorities about an alleged plot Friday evening, prompting the raid. Police said they found “several hundred grams” of highly explosive materials in the man’s apartment.

“Based on the amount of explosives found in the apartment, it is relatively clear that this is a culprit with Islamist motivations who wanted to carry out an attack,” said a spokesman for Germany’s federal prosecutor-general, which took over the investigation from state authorities Sunday night.

A person familiar with the investigation said Albakr arrived in Germany as a refugee and had been granted asylum. ARD public television said he had arrived a year ago.

This article was originally published on Marketwatch.