Georgetown Prof Who Gym-Shamed Richard Spencer Has Attacked Other Trump Supporters

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:19 pm, May 23, 2017

This past weekend, alt-right leader Richard Spencer was banned from his gym after a Georgetown professor “loudly identified him as a neo-Nazi” while he was lifting weights.

The professor,  C. Chrstine Fair, had apparently been after Spencer for months, repeatedly complaining to the gym managers, who asserted that Spencer had just as much right to be there as she did. After she confronted Spencer during open hours, and threatened a lawsuit against the gym’s ownership, Old Town Sport & Health in Alexandria finally booted the famed white supremacist.

But, it turns out, Fair isn’t just adept at harassing local racists. The professor of foreign service waged a one-woman campaign against a number of non-white supremacist Trump supporters in her immediate vicinity—even going so far as to allegedly cyber-bully a fellow professor for a Trump-defending op-ed column.

As we reported in December, Fair went on a “month-long tirade” against Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor (and Muslim, immigrant woman of color), after Nomani published a column in the Washington Post about her decision to support Donald Trump.

Fair barraged Nomani on Twitter, calling her a Nazi sympathizer, a “fraud” and a “clown” until Nomani was forced to file a set of complaints with Georgetown administration. After being informed of Nomani’s calls to authorities, Fair wrote her an “open letter,” again calling Nomani names.

Nomani, though, isn’t the only Trump supporter Fair has “catalogued” on her blog “Shit Men Say” (where her story about confronting Richard Spencer first appeared).

Fair has been using the social network to dox her political opponents, often posting their home addresses and personal information, ostensibly so that those who agree with her can contact and threaten her critics. Some of the people she doxes do appear to be legitimately threatening, but not all of them.

When she was subsequently reported for publicizing one man’s name, address and phone number, she went after the complainant, calling his report to Georgetown administration “white male privilege on bath salts and steroids.”

Spencer won’t be back at the gym, but will Fair face any reprimand for her extra-curricular activities?