Renowned ‘Food Science Expert’ Says Feminism Is Making Everybody Fat

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:17 pm, June 2, 2017
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Rosie Boycott,  the self-identified feminist at the head of London’s Food Board, says its women like her who are making everyone fat.

Boycott is a “food expert” who works with London’s typically woke mayor, Sadiq Khan, to help improve the city’s “food strategy,” and make Londoners a healthier bunch.

Her number one piece of advice for people looking to shed weight, though, is to start cooking at home and avoid take-out meals and frozen TV dinners. Once people stopped gathering for family dinners, she told a crowd at the Hay literary arts festival on Thursday, they started eating whatever was convenient, and that often included fatty, artificial foods.

That, she says, is largely feminism’s fault—even if Boycott herself, who founded a radical feminist magazine in the 1970s, claims that its an unintended consequence of women’s liberation.

“It’s certainly been fuelled by the fact women work and that we have changed things and we have allowed this huge change to happen,” she said.

When women explored opportunities outside the home, the first thing they let slide was housework including cooking, which at the time was a heavily involved chore. Women just didn’t have time to plan, shop for, prep and actually make meals, nor did they want to engage in such a domestic pastime.

Boycott also says that she and other feminists shamed some women out of doing things like preparing meals for their family. “I said ‘don’t cook, don’t type. You’ll get ahead.’ We lost it. Schools gave up cooking. Everyone gave up cooking.”

It’s costing the government big time: at last count, the UK’s National Health Service shelled out more than $20 million per year on weight loss surgery (and that’s just for those procedures that were necessary for survival).