First British Transgender Man Soon to Give Birth Thanks to Facebook Sperm Donor

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By Rachel Dale | 12:46 pm, January 8, 2017

Proud father-to-be Hayden Cross is the first British man to reveal: “I’m pregnant.”

The former supermarket worker, born as a girl 20 years ago , told The Sun he had already begun his transition when he decided to put it on hold to have a baby with donor sperm.

Hayden, who lives in Gloucester and is four months pregnant, said: “People think you can’t be a man and have a baby, but it isn’t that simple.”

20-year-old Hayden Cross reveals how he fell pregnant.
20-year-old Hayden Cross reveals how he fell pregnant.Source:The Sun

Dad-to-be Hayden found a sperm donor on Facebook after putting his gender change on hold.

Now 16 weeks pregnant, he plans to have the baby before returning straight away to complete the transition process, which will remove his breasts and ovaries.

Hayden told The Sun on Sunday: “I am worried about how I will look and what people will think and say about me.

“There are a lot of small-minded people out there.

“I think people will judge me because I came out as trans and now I am pregnant.

“But I’m glad I’m doing it as I hope in inspires other people to be happy in themselves.

“And I hope it gets the NHS to realise I was left with no other choice but this.”

Hayden Cross is the first British man to fall pregnant.
Hayden Cross is the first British man to fall pregnant.Source:Facebook

He added: “I will be all the parent that the baby needs on my own. I don’t want anything else to complicate and confuse that.

“I will stay single, especially when the child is young.

“It is a sacrifice I’ll make for the baby because I want it to have a secure life.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun.