Film Festival Torched for Giving Special Award to Casey Affleck

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:25 pm, May 19, 2017

Karlovy Vary, a spa town in the west Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, hosts a prestigious movie festival every summer. This year, social justice warriors are taking a huge interest in it because the film fest is honoring Casey Affleck.

You’ll recall that a campaign was waged against Affleck for settling suits by two women who alleged sexual harassment when they worked on his 2010 documentary film I’m Still Here. Affleck was never charged in connection with the accusations. He still won the Best Actor Oscar this year for his harrowing performance in Manchester by the Sea.

Affleck is receiving the Karlovy Vary’s President Award in early July and will present a screening of his new movie A Ghost Story. “We regard Casey Affleck as one of the most intriguing actors in contemporary American film and are honored to welcome the filmmakers for [the] presentation,” said festival president Jiri Bartoska.

The Anti-Affleckers seemingly have no intention of giving up the ghost, though:

“I’ve never heard of this festival. Is it like, a pro sexual assault/harassment fest?” tweeted a  hater.

“2017 was supposed to be better than this” said another one. (That line is actually something that could have come from a Casey Affleck film.)

The boycott card is being played even for movie festivals in Czech Republic, with  LA Aussie in NY tweeting:  ‘Well, here I go, canceling my tickets to the Karlovy Vary festival.

Unless the SJW West Bohemian division turn up, at least Affleck is guaranteed a friendlier reception than Brie Larson gave him when giving him gongs during the spring awards ceremonies!