Feminists Who Attacked Politician for Calling his Female Staff ‘Girls’ End Up Looking Ridiculous

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:31 am, March 17, 2017

A British politician who was lambasted by feminists for referring to the women employees in his office as ‘girls’ has had the last laugh.

Sir Roger Gale gave an interview to the BBC about the controversy of MPs hiring relatives to work for them in their offices – a system which has been subject to abuse in the past.

But instead of commenting on what he had to say about that important matter, Sir Roger was condemned by some feminist listeners for being sexist.

However, in a neat twist, the feminists’ confected outrage was quickly dampened when it emerged the ‘girls’ he had mentioned said they loved being referred to by that word.

Conservative Party politician Sir Roger, 73, used the word ‘girl’ twice during the interview to describe the four women who run his constituency office, including his wife Suzy.

When they heard it, angry feminists took to twitter to maul him.

One said: ‘Repellent and arrogant Roger Gale MP referring 2 his female staff as “girls” on @BBCRadio4.’

Another wrote: ‘Sir Roger Galereferring to the women in his office as “girls” – why no challenge to this inappropriate and sexist term?’

Other comments included: ‘Can someone tell Roger Gale that his employees are #women not #girls #hopefully.’

Sir Roger later got his own back, saying ‘I don’t think I’ve ever trended on Twitter before. I asked [my staff] what they think about being called “girls”. They said they love it and it makes them feel young.’

His wife, Suzy, and the other ‘girls’ also supported him. Speaking in her role as his office director, Suzy Gale said: ‘It’s sad, really. Haven’t people got anything better to think about? If the girls didn’t like it and I didn’t like it we’d say so. We have always been referred to as “the girls” and we really do like it. Roger treats the office staff to buns on a regular basis, and we also like that!’