Feminists Try to Shame Ivanka Trump with ‘Handmaid’s Tale’-Inspired Nickname

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:34 am, April 27, 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale TV show is finally premiering this week, and no one is happier than the Internet’s radical feminists, who are convinced that the novel, which portrays a dystopian, Theocratic society where single women are forced to bear children for wealthy Patriarchal leaders and their barren wives, bears a “striking resemblance” to our lives in the Trump administration.

Wednesday, they decided to kick off the Handmaid’s Tale premiere by bestowing a Margaret Atwood-inspired moniker on Ivanka Trump, renaming the First Daughter “Ofjared”—a reference to the slave women in the novel whose first names are “of” their masters (the main character is “Offred,” for example).

The names drive home that the handmaids have no personal autonomy—they’re “complicit” if you will—and feminists were rather pleased with themselves for making the connection.

Clever! Ivanka Trump is under the thumb of her father and husband…don’t you get it?

Of course, Donald Trump has yet to overthrow our representative democracy and install an archaic form of Fundamentalist Christianity that drags unsuspecting women’s studies majors away from their research papers on gender fluidity to chain them to a bed and force them to bear children.

Hell, Trump has yet to make good on his major campaign promises and can’t even manage to get most Republicans to agree with him on any given day.

As for whether he’s a hardcore traditionalist Christian, well, he’s not exactly a paragon of virtue. Before 2015, he wasn’t even Republican. Before 2017, he definitely wasn’t socially conservative.

And Ivanka, for that matter, hardly seems to be a shrinking violet, content to let her dad and her husband boss her around and tell her what to do.

But, of course, as seminal as Atwood’s futuristic tale of woe is, it’s been the inspiration behind many a feminist fantasy since it was published during the Reagan administration (oddly enough, it didn’t come to pass even then). Given that the show is premiering to wide acclaim, it’s probably not surprising they’d try to shoehorn their imagined terror into the cultural phenomenon.

So expect the internet’s social justice warriors to continue to refer to the show as “timely” and “oddly prescient,” even if the chances are pretty slim that either Ivanka or, for that matter, Donald will be able to bring the novel to life.