Feminists Shame Emily Ratajkowski for Sticking Up for Melania Trump

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:21 pm, February 17, 2017

Being a woke celebrity is, apparently, a very difficult calling.

Last week, model Emily Ratajkowski called out New York Times reporter Jacob Bernstein for referring to First Lady Melania Trump as a “hooker.” In a series of Tweets, Ratajkowski called Bernstein everything from a sexist to a “slut shamer,” and Bernstein was repirmanded by his newspaper. He later took to Twitter to apologize.

But while Ratajkowski efforts seemed to be in line with a consistent view on feminism (identifiying and speaking out against sexism, regardless of whom its against), feminists were quick to denounce Ratajkowski, because social justice warriors are never satisifed.

While applauding Ratajkowski’s outspoken-ness, Slate‘s feminist XX Blog called the entire incident a “non-troversy,” implying that questions about Melania Trump’s past—even based on accusations the woman herself is challenging as slanderous—were legitimate.  “Calling it out was the best use of Ratajkowski’s energies or platform,” they whined.

Supporting the First Lady is a poor use of what should be the unlimited resource of “feminist complaints.” The wife of Donald Trump has never spoken out against the President’s anti-woman policies, Slate says, so she’s fair game as a traitor to woman-kind. She is not worthy of protection because her husband has political ideas that don’t conform to modern feminism’s progressive agenda.

The writers then viciously ripped Ratajkowski apart, taking her to task for being a “woke celebrity,” and expressing what they call everything from “vague” feminist sentiments to “word salad.” Apparently, “celebrity feminism” is only effective when you look lik Lena Dunham as opposed to a Victoria’s Secret model.

They close by imploring women to “take action” rather than take to Twitter. It’s not clear what they mean. But, if Lena Dunham is any indication, it’s probably a seminar on how crystals can wake your inner goddess, followed by a march in a hand-knit hat resembling female genetalia, capped off with a couple of Internet pledges, a Change.org petition, two subversive knitting projects (carefully Instagrammed) and a woke Facebook status with all the appropriate hashtags.

Unless you’re Emily Ratajkowski.