Feminist Writer Lara Witt’s Very Un-Woke Twitter History

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By Joe Simonson | 10:29 am, March 19, 2017

Listen, staying woke 24/7, 365 days a year can get exhausting.

Being a modern-day liberal writer requires playing a game of sorts —  one where you try and virtue signal harder than everyone around you.  Winning doesn’t really get you anything other than a few more favorites or retweets, but at least you feel really good about yourself.

Lara Witt is a master at this social justice warrior pastime; Jack Dorsey follows her.  When she’s not writing riveting columns at publications like Teen Vogue entitled “What I Learned from DAPL Protestors as a Woman of Color,” or “Stop Weaponizing Biracial Children,” at Wear Your Voice Magazine she’s letting the internet know just how terrible everybody and everything is.

Lately, she’s been on a tear against white people:

And against men generally:

Deep stuff.

Anyway, tweeting out these musings isn’t enough for Lara.  She has to police everyone’s behavior as well.  Here she is calling out leftist New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff (in fairness, Kristoff is a terrible tweeter, but not for the reasons Witt thinks):

Witt makes it clear that any mere discussion of America’s flawed and complicated founders is off limits. And if you dare begin one, she’ll act as an archivist so future civilizations will know far after we’re gone just who stepped out of line.

But what about Witt herself?  Has she always acted with the same kind of purity she demands from others?


Body positivity generates a lot of concern from feminists, here’s what Witt has to say:

Good…good.  What else?

Oh no, Lara!

Fat shaming two overweight (and possibly gay) men?? How intolerant!

What about dangerous and violent gendered language against women? Surely someone like Lara would never slut shame, right? It’s not like she’s specifically written articles attacking people who slut shamed Kim Kardashian.


Oh no, oh God, please, no.

O.K. fine, but at least she recognizes the problematic nature of using the word crazy, right?  She frequently writes columns centered around mental health and wellness.

Oh, and last but not least, she’s got some words for the Jews.  Nothing more progressive than a feminist who hates fat, male, slutty, Jews:


Sigh.  I’m so tired of being let down.


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