Feminist Lawmaker Smashes Colleague’s ‘Offensive’ Bikini Birthday Cake

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:00 pm, November 21, 2016
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A Louisiana state legislator smashed her fellow lawmaker’s birthday cake, also complaining on Twitter that the bikini theme was sexist and offensive.

The controversy began Friday, when Rep. Mark Abraham received a cake from his colleague, Rep. Jack McFarland, which depicted a bikini-clad torso with a purple unicorn tattoo on the hip. “Happy Birthday, Mark Abraham,” a sign accompanying the cake read. “He likes his cake and eats it too!!!”

Sen. Karen Carter Peterson spotted the cake, made by Rep. McFarland’s wife, in the legislature’s anteroom. She reportedly began yelling profanities at Abraham, then destroyed the cake by smashing the sign into the middle of it.

Peterson said on Twitter that a staffer had told her the birthday boy also had a second cake that looked like a vagina — a claim that both Abraham and McFarland denied.

“When I told her there was no second cake, she said, ‘You’re a liar,’ and I said, ‘You’re a liar,” McFarland told the Advertiser.



Rep. Helena Moreno also denounced the cake.

The cake — and lawmakers’ strong reaction to it — was the subject of much debate on social media.