Feminist Blog Jezebel When Asked About Hillary: ‘We Do Not Acknowledge Press Requests From Men’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 1:11 pm, November 4, 2016
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Ex-Gawker’s sisterhood blog Jezebel, known for telling women to smile and having a blast when a politician’s dog dies, is no fan of Trump, to say the least. But would the blog go a step forward and endorse Clinton for president? Well, tough luck, because they won’t tell you if you’re a man.

Yesterday, Heat Street put this exact question to Jezebel, asking whether they feel the sisterhood and wish to see Hillary in the White House. The pleasant as always Jezebel Editor-in-Chief Emma Carmichael responded, writing “Thanks for your query. We have no comment as we do not acknowledge press requests from men.”


Heat Street suspects Jezebel Editor’s reluctance to endorse Clinton has something to do with holding a grudge over not sitting down with her staff member for an interview:

And so, last fall, Jezebel’s Slot team started talking to the Clinton campaign about an interview. After a number of conference calls, an in-person meeting, several detailed pitches, and a healthy number of back and forth emails with her campaign’s press representatives, it’s become clear that we’re probably not getting that interview.

“I am not blowing you off,” someone from her campaign assured us a couple months back, in the bashful tone of someone knee-deep in the process of blowing us off.

Keep fighting the battle, Jezebel.