‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Wins Three Awards at Cannes Lions Festival

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By Joe Simonson | 12:15 pm, June 20, 2017

The famous Fearless Girl statue located in the heart of Wall Street is winning over judges at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival, according to Adweek.

By the end of day one, the statue of a young woman standing up to the famous Wall Street Bull won the Grand Prix in the Glass, Public Relations and Outdoor categories. Judges admired how State Street Global Advisors, which commissioned the piece, captured the modern spirit of the feminist movement.

After all, what better way to honor modern feminism than by using it as an opportunity to expand your customer base and gobble up more global capital?

“I would say simply that [Fearless Girl] gripped the world’s attention, and it will do for years to come. Its simplicity in the use of symbolism transcends geography, it transcends language, it transcends culture. For us, while it is a girl, it elegantly captures women’s journeys and our path to empowerment. And it also encapsulates our hopes and our ambitions for every little girl in the world,” said Wendy Clark, the CEO of DDB North America and a judge.

Other judges echoed Clark’s sentiments by applauding the bravery of State Street. Apparently, a financial firm deserves applause for installing a feminist sculpture in the most progressive American city and knowing that there’d be no backlash whatsoever.

“As a financial services company that put this statue up in the heart of the financial world, we thought that was extremely courageous,” said Karen van Bergen, a judge of the PR award category and the CEO of Omnicom Public Relations Group. “It’s a beautiful story. There have been a couple of attempts to take down Fearless Girl, but she’s still there in spite of all the adversity.”

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