‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Was Almost a Cow Instead

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 6:07 pm, June 8, 2017
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In the three months since the Fearless Girl statue has stood opposite the Wall Street Charging Bull, it’s attracted widespread media attention and controversy. But new emails show that State Street Global Advisers, the statue’s corporate sponsor, had first considered installing a statue of a bronze cow.

The New York Post obtained email correspondence between a State Street associate and New York City Hall. State Street apparently first thought a cow would be a compelling symbol of female empowerment.

The company was “developing and looking to launch a fund that will be exclusively comprised of women-owned or women-run companies,” the event consultant told City Hall in an April 29, 2016, email. “As a precursor to the announcement, they are looking to set up a statue of a cow to be set opposite the iconic Wall St bull at Bowling Green. …. The concept is to place the cow and to use it, as a buzz-building exercise.”

Eight months later, company reps had thought twice about the idea.

“The client realized, after we had gone down the road a bit, that a cow sculpture could be conceived as demeaning to women which would defeat the impetus of the event,” the event consultant wrote. “They have now come back to me and are looking to reboot this, with the changes being that they would change the sculpture from a cow to a girl with the concept that she would be ‘staring down’ the Bull.”

Wise choice.