Fat Activist Lindy West Leaves Twitter After Running Out of People to Block

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By Heat Street Staff | 2:31 pm, January 3, 2017

Fat Activist Lindy West has left Twitter citing abusive trolls, despite the fact she blocked almost everyone who disagreed with her. West is most known for trying to censor offensive comedy and turning obesity into identity politics.

To announce the momentous event, she was paid (probably over a hundred dollars) to write a Guardian article about her Twitter exodus. There she blames the alt right, President-elect Trump and the futility of her massive block bots for her decision to leave. She also complains that she is not getting paid to tweet feminist advice, despite the fact people pay her for it in real life.

Her exit from the platform also doubled as a protest against Twitter’s management of the election, which she believed contributed to the rise of Donald Trump.

“I’m pretty sure ‘ushered in kleptocracy’ would be a dealbreaker for any other company that wanted my business,” she wrote.

Her desire to blame Twitter for Trump, may be due to the fact her genius plan to unite all fat people in opposition to the candidate utterly failed. She had tried (through The Guardian) to create a coalition of the fat, without realizing that the Donald himself was already a part of it. 

But while some may miss the feisty feminist fatty on Twitter, most won’t even notice because they were already blocked.