EXCLUSIVE: The Many Accomplishments of the ‘Deep State,’ According to Alt Right Twitter

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By William Hicks | 1:19 pm, March 9, 2017

Since Donald Trump’s election, there’s been quite a bit of buzz about the “deep state,” the shadowy government within a government, led by intelligence officials and remnants of the Obama administration working outside the bounds of democratic will.

But what has this nefarious deep state been up to? We all know about deep state’s involvement in getting General Michael Flynn to resign by leaking details about his call to a Russian ambassador, but what about its lesser known crimes? Well, the proof can be found on the Twitter feeds of “alt light” e-celebs.

Here are a few of deep state’s top operations.

Taking Away PewDiePie’s YouTube Red Show

This year, the most popular channel on YouTube, PewDiePie was targeted by a Wall Street Journal expose which dredged up some of his past anti-Semitic “jokes”. As a result of the piece, PewDiePie lost his deal with Disney and his show on YouTube Red, YouTube’s premium subscription service.

But perhaps there was something more sinister going on (and funded by George Soros).

Jack Posobiec, a prominent Pizzagater and one of the organizers of the pre-inauguration Deploraball, backed up the theory.


And when lawyer and self-help guru, Mike Cernovich, tried to speak the truth on PewDiePie, the deep state shut his livestream down!


I’m not exactly sure why, the shadowy deep state would want to go after a YouTuber who plays video games on camera while yelling his name in an annoying fashion, but its beyond a humble reporter such as myself to uncover the motives of these deep state operatives.


Robbing Milo Yiannopoulos of his book deal

Rightwing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was brought down by revelations he once advocated for sexual relationships between young boys and older men on a podcast. As a result Milo lost his book deal and resigned from Breitbart.

While anyone could have found the video which was available on YouTube, it took a team of deep state operatives working overtime to ruin Milo’s career, apparently.

Milo was too great a thorn in the deep state’s side and had too great a social media presence. He had to be dealt with.


The video was brought to light by the Reagan Battalion, a group of anonymous conservatives. Some believe they have ties to Evan McMullin, an ex-CIA operative and 2016 independent presidential candidate. 


Sending Valerie Jarrett to stalk Jack Posobiec at the airport. 

Yep, the deep state knows no limits. They followed the Pizzagate investigator, even at the airport, sending one of Obama’s most trusted advisors.

Just a week earlier Jack narrowly evaded the deep state’s prying eyes by going out on a fox hunt.

Turning our politicians into pedophiles. 

This theory isn’t fully fleshed out, but its being pushed by lead Pizzagate researcher and fired HuffPo contributor, David Seaman, so it just has to be right.

Not sure exactly what pedo-fication means, but it sounds sinister.

Other alt light e-celebs, believe the latest CIA documents from Wikileaks may  prove that the deep state is using spying techniques to get off to your kids!

It’s sure been a busy year for the deep state, hard at work ruining the careers of online celebrities and following Posobiec around the airport. Just what will this whacky shadow government think of next?

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