Everyday Feminism Launches Program to Cure Your ‘Toxic Whiteness’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 5:30 am, October 26, 2016

Unless you ignore Facebook and Twitter, Everyday Feminism is an ever-present blight on the landscape of social media. There’s a great chance you’ve seen an image or two that suggests your existence is somehow problematic.

The publication exists to promote the cult of “intersectional feminism,” a kind of Frankenstein’s monster that combines third wave feminism with the idea that oppressive institutions exist to put down anyone who isn’t straight and white. They call it the Patriarchy.

Everyday Feminism often reads like a social justice warrior version of The Onion, and features articles like “What Gender Means to Me As a Married Man Who Likes to Wear Women’s Clothing,” “Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?,” and “3 Practical Ways to Challenge Gender Norms in Heterosexual Marriages.”

Recently, the publication launched a program to “help” white Americans confront their whiteness. It’s called “Healing from Toxic Whiteness,” and it serves as boot camp for would-be social justice warriors who may hold onto problematic beliefs, such as the idea that it’s possible to be racist against white people.

In social justice land, there’s no such thing as reverse racism — or even racism against white people, for that matter. Racism, they argue, can only exist when one has both power and privilege — ignoring the fact that anyone can wield both these things depending on their situation.

It is a part of Everyday Feminism founder Sandra Kim’s ongoing efforts to fight against everything and anything deemed problematic in the world.

The program costs $300 and lasts for 10 weeks, building upon the premise that “white people need to restore themselves to emotional wholeness in order to truly free themselves from racism and move into action to end white supremacy.” It wouldn’t sound out of place on a Scientologist pamphlet, and it even promises to “decondition” its participants from unconscious racism by forcing them to acknowledge their privileges, to make them more effective warriors for social justice.

Healing from Toxic Whiteness claims that every white person has been unconsciously conditioned to be racist simply by “being raised in societies built on systemic racism,” and aims to expunge those problematic thoughts. The program defines being “colorblind” as a form of racism and further states that anyone who doesn’t actively do something to stop racism is committing a racist action by omission. So unless you’re a social justice warrior, you’re a racist.

According to the program sheet, participants are eventually expected to commit to five chief tenets that would effectively have them self-flagellate on a constant basis and proselytize the ideology to other people.

It sounds like a parody — but make no mistake: It’s real. Like any other cult-like program, Healing from Toxic Whiteness claims to only wish uncooperative individuals “continued healing and growth,” but that’s rarely how people behave, especially when they believe they possess some secret wisdom nobody else has.

It’s only just launched, but we can certainly expect to see the results of the program’s “deconditioning” in the months and years to come. I don’t look forward to it.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken game critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.