Evergreen State Student Steals Sign, Tears It Up and Throws It at Dissenter

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By William Hicks | 6:18 pm, June 8, 2017
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The protests at Evergreen State College have died down, but the crackdown on dissent continues.

A group of people (possible students, though unconfirmed) were on campus holding signs that said, “All Lives Matter” and another inviting students to talk with them.

While most of the day went peacefully, at one point a female student grabbed their signs, ripped them up, and threw it back at them. “Fuck y’all,” she said as she grabbed the signs.

Another woman told the men with the signs to deescalate and “just let her do it.”

This is not the first time a dissenter to the liberal progressive view was accosted. Last week a student wrote in chalk over activist graffiti and got water spilled on him. Many of the students and supporters of Bret Weinstein, the professor at the center of the protests, were doxxed and harassed.

A real havenĀ of “tolerance.”