Evergreen State President Grows Some Balls, Says Some Protesters May Be Punished

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By William Hicks | 12:48 pm, June 13, 2017

In the past month, Evergreen State College president George Bridges became the most cucked man alive in the eyes of the Internet.

Multiple YouTube videos catalogued his descent from authority figure to wheedling Stockholm syndrome victim at the hands of student protesters. By the end of the days’ long meetings with students, George was not allowed to speak with his hands, and had to announce his he/him pronouns before addressing the crowd.

Now, poor ole George appears to have grown a pair, telling NBC King 5 he is “immensely disappointed” in the protesters and said some could be punished.

The protesters he is referring to are the ones who disrupted the class of Bret Weinstein, a professor who publicly criticized the school’s “equity plan” and an event that encouraged white students and faculty to leave campus for the day. The protesters calling for Weinstein’s resignation stormed his classroom demanding answers. The class had to be held off campus for the remainder of the semester, while some of his students were doxxed and harassed for supporting their teacher.

“I was immensely disappointed with the students who obstructed his class,” Bridges told NBC 5. “Those actions are indefensible. Every faculty member has a right to teach their classes.”

Bridges says the school will review the actions of the protesters and “make some decisions.”