Elite New York Private Schools Promote ‘Womyn Strength Conference’

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By Robert Gold | 3:10 pm, October 7, 2016

Tuition fees for elite New York private schools are close to hitting the $50,000-a-year mark as parents still seek ways to fast-track their kids to work in the most lucrative professions and attend the best rehab facilities.

Here at Heat Street we’re libertarian about this issue. If you have the money to burn and want to spend it on the best of the best educational institutions, go right ahead. It’s the schools we’re increasingly worried about, since they seem increasingly fixated on becoming enthusiastic vessels for white liberal guilt.

The Dalton School (academic tuition fees of $44,64,  famous alumni: Christian Slater, Claire Danes, and Chevy Chase), are today hosting a Latin@/LatinX Affinity Celebration where elite private schools have been invited to attend so parents can get together to discuss diversity  or how they much they paid for their Hamilton tickets.

Over at Brooklyn Friends Private School (a snip at $38,000, famous alumni: Fisher Stevens and writer Francine Prose), they are hosting the fourth Young Womyn Strength of Conference next month. ‘Womyn’ is spelled the modern way, to avoid using the suffix “-men” at the end of the term. According to official material, the conference “seeks to provide young womyn with positive messages from local and regional role models. … The workshops are designed to empower young womyn to embrace and value their individual definitions of self.  The conference space is interactive, informative and applicable to the lives of the young womyn.” But what about the “wimmin,” “womxn,” or the “womin”?

Horace Mann School, ($46,800,  famous alumni: Eliot Spitzer and Si Newhouse ), the elite Bronx establishment, rocked by recent child abuse and Facebook teacher scandals is unsurprisingly also getting in on the act. They are hosting the Young Men of Color Symposium on November 12, “a leadership conference for young self-identified men of color in grades 6-12 in the NYC and the surrounding areas…to create a collaborative community of schools serving young self-identified men of color.”

But don’t worry white kids, you’re included too!  (Re)defining Power: Exploring the White Male Voice In Diversity Work, a conference running concurrently with the Young Men of Color Symposium, “is a space for identity exploration and learning best practices as allies for young self-identified white men in grades 6-12 in New York City and beyond.”

Official staff emails encouraging attendance at these events have been flying round elite private schools such at Riverdale and Fieldston. (They aren’t compulsory. Yet.)

Some of the parents have done very bad things in finance and law, but do they really deserve having to put their kids through all this?