Elite College Professor Calls Academia a Mad House and ‘Safe Spaces’ an Existential Error

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By Masha Froliak | 9:58 pm, October 27, 2016

A professor at prestigious New York University has started his own war against so-called social justice warriors, claiming that the current politically correct culture of trigger warnings, safe spaces and bias reporting have fomented a culture of hyper-protectionism, hyper-vigilance and self-surveillance.

Michael Rectenwald, a liberal studies professor at the NYU, is the man behind the undercover Twitter account DeplorableNYUProf, which claims to “expose the viral identity politics of academia and its destruction of academic integrity.”

Rectenwald uses his “Deplorable” account to express his frustration with current PC culture on campus.

In an interview with Heat Street, Rectenwald explained his motivations, claiming that “current academia is like an infirmary or a hospital where everybody is potentially a sick patient who needs to be secured, protected and quarantined from anything that might be deemed challenging”. He decided not to hold back his criticism.

NYU has recently been drawn into the “safe spaces” debate -– the alt-right provocateur Milo Yannopoulos’s planned speech there was just shooed off by the university for “security reasons”; students are encouraged to self check their Halloween costumes; and professors are advised to use a ‘bias reporting hotline’ number on their syllabi.

Rectenwald thinks all this is insane.

“Safe Spaces is an existential error,” he tells Heat Street, ” as one can’t isolate oneself from all perspectives or all ideas–it is existentially impossible.

 I won’t try to please these people anymore. I am not going to hold their sacrosanct identities preciously with kid gloves, and to defer to them in all matters relating to identity and so on, and so forth. It has gotten insane. If this is the kind of treatment they want, put them in a quiet room where they can be by themselves with padded walls.”

Rectenwald also refused to put “trigger warning” or “bias reporting line” on his syllabi explaining that “every experience in the classroom would be subjected to a question of bias and it would turn the classroom into a state of surveillance, reporting, discipline and punishment.”

In his battle with social justice warriors, “Deplorable NYU Prof”, who in fact considers himself a left-wing communist, contends that such “social justice” has nothing to do with liberation or human emancipation, but rather provides the very soil in which the al-right grows.

This movement is not going to overthrow homophobia, transphobia, racism, or sexism. In fact it works the other way and it will constantly cause people to be resentful and probably even foster the very attitude that it opposes.