Outrage Over ‘Offensive and Scary’ St. Patrick’s Day ‘Drunk Lives Matter’ T-Shirt

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 7:26 am, March 15, 2017

An event organizer who sells parody T-shirts has come under fire after putting one on sale in time for St Patrick’s Day bearing the slogan “Drunk Lives Matter”.

Some people have claimed the shirt is “offensive” and “scary”.

The company behind the parody T-shirt, PubCrawls.com, now appears to be in hot water having adapted the name of the anti-police movement “Black Lives Matter”. It uses the same font as BLM shirts.

The Baltimore Radio 92Q Jam attacked the company, saying: “For people of color it’s already scary enough to see masses of drunk white people roaming around town, but to see them intoxicated and making fun of a movement whose goal is to save our very lives? Well, that’s damn near terrifying.”

“FYI: St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday, March 17. Be careful folks,” the radio station added.

Melissa Kravitz, a writer at left-leaning Mic.com, also attacked the shirt, claiming it calls the whole of St Patrick’s Day into question.

“This parody delegitimizes the Black Lives Matter slogan by altering it to encourage a day of debauchery and binge drinking, and the shirt also implies the main point of St. Patrick’s Day is to get drunk,” she wrote.

She added: “A swarm of drunken St. Patrick’s Day celebrators wearing a shirt that essentially denounces the BLM movement is a scary thing to imagine encountering, but PubCrawls.com has made it a possibility.”

The t-shirt, sold on Amazon, also attracted some negative reviews. “This is extremely racist. Amazon, you should remove this immediately. There is nothing funny about the murder of black people,” said one reviewer.

Another review said: “I never knew! Oh wait this is supposed to be funny? My bad. In that case it’s disgusting.”

“As an African American I CAN NOT give this any stars but I’m forced to give it one! I can’t imagine what would allow you to think this was a good idea to sell!” What could you be thinking apparently YOU WERE NOT thinking about your African American customers and how much this would hurt them!” wrote a reviewer.