This Is the Haircut All Celebs Get After They’re Accused of Cultural Appropriation

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:15 pm, May 24, 2017

The world may have had enough of Katy Perry, but she seems intent on inflicting herself on the masses regardless of their consent. And this go-round, her go-to style centers around a tightly cropped, bleach-blonde cut that is reminiscent of Debbie Harry or any number of people who have also tried to be Debbie Harry over the past several decades.

The look may not give Katy Perry the punk rock street cred she seems to want, but it does put her in an interesting club: celebrities who have been accused of cultural appropriation, and all went on to get an identical haircut.

A Twitter user caught the weird trend on Tuesday, pointing out that nearly every celebrity who has sported the pixie cut—male or female—has either been accused of cultural appropriation by the black community, or gone on to actually appropriate elements of culture from the black community.

Suspects include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore, P!nk, even Vanilla Ice. And, of course, Katy Perry, whose Saturday Night Live appearance, where she tried to hip hop dance and then closed off her vocals with an attempt at a “dab,” has been roundly mocked on Twitter for its tone deaf “borrowing” from hip hop stars of color.

The Tweet, as Allure Magazine points out, is a joke, but the theory—at least that stars accused of cultural appropriation go back to their blonde roots (so to speak)—seems to pan out, though the reason celebs choose to revert back to blonde boy cut is unclear.

Theories on the subject range from the desire to be seen as “edgy,” (which seems to be the reason Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus clipped off their locks), to a fear celebs have of constantly being attacked for their use of other cultures’ rituals, symbols and hairstyles.

A blonde boy cut is about the “whitest” haircut you can get. Literally. It was among the only “approved” haircuts German soldiers were allowed to get in World War II.

For Perry (and Cyrus’s and Bieber’s and Vanilla Ice’s) critics, though, the haircut doesn’t absolve them from their cultural sins.

In fact, according to the original Twitter poster, the haircut almost makes it worse, because it proves that the celebrity knew they were “borrowing” something that didn’t belong to them, and when it got to be too controversial, they just chopped off their hair and remade themselves in a new image—something people born a person of color can’t do.