Cornell Student: I Was Assaulted on Campus, Called a ‘Racist Bitch’ for Being Republican

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:30 am, December 15, 2016

A Cornell student claims she was ambushed, thrown to the ground and abused for being a Republican who publicly backed Donald Trump.

Olivia Corn, a sophomore who is chair of the Cornell Republicans, says she was attacked from behind the day after the election, and called a “racist bitch”.

Cornell Police are investigating the alleged attack, which happened late at night, when it was too dark for Corn to properly identify her attacker.

Corn described the incident in an interview with The Tab:

I was actually assaulted on campus for being a Republican. I had someone throw me to the ground and say: “Fuck you, racist bitch, you support a racist party.”

I now walk with an alarm at all times. That’s pretty much my new normal. I don’t walk by myself after a certain time, once it gets dark.

And that’s not something I should have to be concerned with. I’m a college student, I’m just trying to get good grades, get to law school, keep my head down – besides being the head of an organization.

It weighs in the back of my mind when I walk places now.

The reported attack is another in a series of alleged post-election hate crimes – the vast majority of which claim to be attacks by Trump supporters – though some of those are beginning to fall apart under scrutiny.

Corn said the incident was the culmination of a string of hateful incidents sparked by her conservative politics.

She said she has been repeatedly called “racist”, “fascist” and “a disgrace to women” by fellow students, some of whom allegedly threatened to throw acid in her face.

Despite the intensity of their feelings, Corn said most of her critics seem broadly unaware of her actual political views, which include support for gay marriage, abortion and action on climate change – and do not include unqualified support for Mr Trump.

Although she did express support for Trump during the election campaign once his nomination was confirmed, Corn and her Republican group have been lukewarm at best on the President-elect.

Corn later criticized Trump in the media, saying the Trump campaign “sickens” her.

Cornell Republicans ultimately endorsed Gary Johnson for the presidency, which got them kicked out of the state Republican federation – none of which appears to have moderated the actions of her alleged attacker.