Conspiracy Theorist Mike Cernovich’s Documentary on Sweden Contains Footage from Lithuania

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 11:41 am, March 14, 2017
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Pizzagate proliferator Mike Cernovich’s new documentary about the migration crisis in Sweden is ridden with footage from another country—Lithuania.

The documentary titled “INVASION: How Sweden Became the Rape Capital of the West” is Cernovich’s latest project, in partnership with a fellow Pizzagate conspiracy theorist, Jack Posobiec.

Cernovich, described by The New Yorker as “the meme mastermind of the ALT-right”, rose through the ranks of alt-Right Twitter by spreading conspiracy theories surrounding “the deep state” and so-called Pizzagate conspiracy. He often rants about fake news and said last year that he’s “writing a script” for a documentary about fake news, titled “Hoaxed: The Media’s War on Truth.”

Despite Cernovich’s insistence that he sees through “hoaxing media” and never deceives, his 16 minute-long documentary on Sweden has footage from another country, Lithuania, that is deceptively edited to imply it’s Sweden.

Just a minute into the documentary, as the narrator talks about what is happening in Sweden because of uncontrolled flows on migration, footage from the Lithuanian town of Kaunas starts to roll. (I know because I lived there for 18 years.)

Almost all shots in the first three minutes of the documentary are from the old town of Kaunas and it’s most prominent street Laisvės alėja, all without alerting viewers. In one shot, for instance, the footage shows a kiosk in Kaunas, not Sweden.

Cernovich’s documentary / Lithuania

In another shot, we see a fountain supposedly in Sweden and a quote by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying “The Volk is everyone who lives in this country,” on a metal plate on the ground.

This footage is also from the Lithuanian town and that metal plate is actually blank.

Cernovich’s documentary / Lithuania

At one point, during a 16-minute dispatch from Sweden, Cernovich used footage of a glass building with a graphic saying “Malmo, Rosenburg” and an edited note saying “74% unemployment”.

In reality, however, the building is just a restaurant with a shoe shop below:

Cernovich’s documentary / Lithuania

The so-called documentary does contain original reporting from Sweden showcasing how the nation is undergoing a massive change due to immigration. It remains to be seen, however, whether Cernovich’s followers thirsting for real news will swallow the filmmaker’s attempt to pass off footage from another country as Sweden.

Cernovich didn’t respond to direct messages on Twitter asking for a comment.