Conservative Writer Kassy Dillon Suspended From Twitter for Repeating Leslie Jones

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By William Hicks | 2:54 pm, July 25, 2016

Kassy Dillon, a contributor to Campus Reform and Heat Street and founder of Lone Conservative, was suspended temporarily from Twitter following Tweets made about Leslie Jones.

While Twitter has not yet returned a request for comment, the suspension appears to be related to an experiment in which Dillon repeated Jones’ tweets, word for word, in an effort to expose bias.

Kass 1

“The only reason why I tweeted copies of what Leslie said is to show bias,” Dillon told Heat Street. “If this famous actress actress does it, it’s okay, but if I do the same thing as a conservative writer, Twitter punishes me for it.”

Dillon believes that the suspension was in part because she has been campaigning hard to reinstate Milo Yiannopoulos to Twitter and pushing the #FreeMilo hashtag.

What is strange about the suspension is who was not suspended by Twitter: People who’ve tweeted death threats and the like aimed at Dillon.

For instance, @donrikmn, is still tweeting freely after this tweet:

kassy harassment 1

And Dillon’s serial harasser, @SheDontTextBack, who often sends her threats or sexual harassment, is for some reason not suspended either:

So, thanks, Jack Dorsey for doing a great job. Keep your site a toxic cesspool of harassment, except for those who subscribe to your political beliefs! That’s the way to bring new people to your platform and reverse your free-falling stock price.

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