Concordia University Student Claims Microaggressions ‘Help Load the Bullets’ in Mass Shootings

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 10:58 am, February 15, 2017

A Concordia University student in Canada has penned an article suggesting microaggressions directly lead to mass shootings.

Florence Yee, an apparent student at the university, wrote for a student newspaperThe Concordian, claiming “racial violence builds itself on top of its smaller forms” and added that “Yes, a microaggression, despite its unfortunate terminology, does matter.”

The author suggests the January 29 shooting at a Mosque in Quebec is directly linked to microaggressions. Statements and questions such as “Where are you really from? Your parents must be so strict. How’s the war in your country?” are grounded in “Eurocentric whiteness and Christianity” that alienate people and signal that they don’t belong.

Microaggressions, the student continued, “start to form an insidious divide” that then leads to “prejudice” and “overgeneralizations” which are used to pass discriminatory laws, which then justify actual violence and murder.

“In this whole process, there has been an abuse of so-called freedom of speech,” Yee wrote. “If you think about it as ‘just political correctness’ or ‘limiting freedom of expression,’ I hope you also think about your part in inciting race-based violence in direct and inevitable ways.”

“Nothing you say or do happens in a vacuum. Even the smallest actions can contribute to the greatest tragedies. What you say matters every step of the way,” she added.

“Please consider your role in the ongoing tensions. You may not have fired the gun, but you helped load the bullets.”