College Spends $100k Telling Athletes Their Toxic Masculinity Causes Rape

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By Benedict Spence | 7:09 am, December 12, 2016

A university is spending over $100,000 of public money in tax-payer funded grants on a scheme designed to tell male athletes that “traditional masculinity” is to blame for rape.

Eastern Michigan University says its “Men of Strength” program is designed to promote “an understanding of the ways traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault”.

The scheme, announced recently in a press release, is specifically targeted at athletes and members of fraternities at the institution.

EMU claims it will provide a “safe space” for male students to “expose Eastern men to healthier, non-violent forms of manhood,” allowing them to “become peer leaders and allies with women”.

Although it does not use the term, the scheme is of a piece with nationwide efforts to combat so-called “toxic masculinity”, which advocates link to rapes on campus.

The scheme – full name MOST CARE (Men of Strength: Creating a Respectful Environment) – outlined its target demographics, though did not specifically state why or whether they considered them more likely to benefit from an anti-rape program.

As well as sportsmen and frats, the program is targeted at military veterans and the campus’ Brotherhood Program, which is aimed at students of color.

Ellen Gold, Vice-President of Student Wellbeing, applied for the grants from the State of Michigan, saying it was part of the Men Can Stop Rape national strategy to “develop healthy masculinity”.

When pressed by Campus Reform to explain the logic behind targeting the groups they did, Gold and EMU’s communications staff have declined to give a reason.