Claremont Students Cancel Annual ‘Speedo Hike’ Because It Might Be Offensive to Fat People

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:22 pm, September 30, 2016

Members of the student outdoors club at Claremont Colleges have decided to cancel its annual “Speedo Hike,” a tradition trek up nearby Mt. Baldy in which the students typically wear Speedos and bikinis, because college students like to do sexy things or whatever.

The hike is not going to happen this year because the students are worried that the event is not inclusive enough, and might be offensive to overweight and fitness-challenged individuals. They’re also concerned that the Speedo Hike might be a little too “bro-centric.”

The outdoors club, officially named “On The Loose” (OTL), announced its decision on its Facebook page, writing that the group wanted to be a “more open and inclusive space,” and by hosting the Speedo Hike at the beginning of the year, had “unintentionally sent the message that to participate in OTL, you must be fit and comfortable with your body image. The name ‘Speedo’ itself inherently implies bro-iness. OTL is so much more than just that, but many potentially interested students get turned off to our club each year because of Speedo Hike.”

The club also acknowledged that trying to guide more than a hundred half-naked students on an “extremely strenuous” hike up a 10,000 ft. mountain might not be the best idea to begin with.

One Claremont student told the College Fix he found the decision to cancel the Speedo Hike “completely unnecessary,” arguing that if the so-called outdoors club “wants to cater to out-of-shape, non-outdoorsy students, perhaps they should consider starting a different club.”

Fair enough?