Citing Mistreatment, Jerusalem Mayor Cancels Appearance at California State U.

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By Joe Simonson | 12:13 pm, April 6, 2017
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There’s something about Jews on college campuses that leftists just don’t like very much.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told San Francisco State University to shove it just one day before his scheduled appearance. Instead of speaking at the school, Barkat will attend a private event sponsored by AIPAC instead.

The cancelation came after Barkat claimed the university discriminated against him by offering a “ticketed, limited event” with “no legitimate effort…made on the part of the University to publicize the event.”

“The University has demonstrated that they will protect the rights of anti-Israel students to drown out diverse voices through violent incitement” Barkat said in a statement.

This wouldn’t be the first time Barkat ran into problems at SFSU.  Last year, anti-Israel students shut down his speech by screaming over him through microphones.  After that incident, the university promised an investigation and, in the future, “would better ensure that student events of this nature can occur unimpeded in the future.”

This year, SFSU President Les Wong, who personally invited Barkat, fumbled the ambassador’s appearance and managed to offend and anger just about everyone on campus.

A letter signed by 25 Jewish students decried the planned event as “a reckless political stunt” and chided Wong for not publicizing the event and for contributing to the undermining of “Jewish student life, and enabling an environment causing actual discrimination against Jewish students.”

Activists from a group called Bay4Palestine issued a statement attacking Wong for inviting “a person who symbolizes Zionist settler colonialism” and called Barkat an “ethnic cleanser.”  The group said the university should “end ties with fascists, racists and Zionists.”  One of those things isn’t like the other.

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