Katie Couric’s Next Crusade: Flint Water Crisis Movie Starring Cher

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:56 pm, January 6, 2017
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Shaking off rumors she was broke and about to die, Cher is to star in Flint, a TV movie for Lifetime , about the crisis that began in 2014 and resulted in the contamination of water in the Michigan city.

It will be Cher’s first acting role in seven years and Aussie filmmaker Bruce ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Beresford is the director. But perhaps more interestingly Katie Couric has signed up as one of the executive producers.

Maybe because she has more time on her hands given her under the radar news gig as Global Anchor for Yahoo,  Couric has recently developed a hobby co-producing obscure movies which, until now,  have been non-fiction documentaries.

One of those films, the gun-control study Under the Gun, sparked outrage after it was revealed that deceptive editing practices had been used to distort Couric’s interview with a group of gun-rights advocates in Virginia.

Couric and others involved in the documentary are being sued by the Virginia Citizens Defense League for $12 million in damages over “intentionally manipulated and misleading footage” of the group’s members used in the film.

How will working with Cher compare with that ordeal?