Canadian Vegan Buys Delicious Giant Lobster, Callously Sets It Free

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By Andrew Stiles | 7:37 am, November 30, 2016
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A delicious 23-pound lobster caught in Canada, a country best known for bordering America, has been purchased and released into the wild by a heartless Canadian vegan.

The massive crustacean, dubbed “King Louie,” was of nearly unprecedented size, measuring nearly four feet in length, and would have made a tasty meal for multiple humans to enjoy — had the vegan not intervened.

Catherine MacDonald, co-owner of the Alma Lobster Shop in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, said the delicious lobster could have been up to 100 years old, and was one of the most “beautiful” clawed creatures she had ever seen.

“This is a big, big lobster,” MacDonald told CTV News in Canada. “My daughter put it next to a three pound lobster, which is large and most people have never seen a three pound lobster, and it was as big as his claw.”

The lobster, which was caught by a local fisherman, sold for $230 to a vegan from Nova Scotia, another Canadian province. It was a victory for capitalism, perhaps, but a defeat for aficionados of delicious lobster meat.