BuzzFeed Feminists Paint With Their Own Period Blood to Feel ‘Empowered’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:49 am, June 22, 2017
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Disgusting and unhygienic as it may be to most of society, it isn’t out of the ordinary for some feminists to use period blood to express themselves.

Feminists at BuzzFeed consider this empowering, and have conscripted activist Sarah Levy, who attained a degree of infamy for painting a portrait of Donald Trump with her own menstrual fluid in 2015.

Donald Trump period blood painting

BuzzFeed’s Chantel Houston and Nyla Wissa have now joined in, and posted an extensive, lavishly illustrated description of the period art process.

They describe how they collected their period blood in a menstrual cup, transferred it to a mason jar, and kept it refrigerated until they needed to use it.

The women collected period blood until their cycles were over and waited until what they termed “blood day” to begin painting.

“The ladies were inspired to paint things that made them feel good while they were on their periods,” the writers say. Chantel says she decided to paint chocolate chip cookies and M&Ms, and Devin painted a wine bottle.

“But first, they had to get used to the awful smell,” they write. “Once they did, they got to work. And even though it took some to get used to things, they eventually did and felt super empowered.”

There’s nothing more empowering than painting with waste fluids that smell bad, apparently. Given the battles feminists choose to fight — from attacking dissenters like popular YouTuber Laci Green, to ignoring the plight of women in Saudi Arabia— it’s no surprise that modern feminism isn’t taken seriously, even by most women.

Devin says that her female coworkers at BuzzFeed found their “art” just as appalling as anyone else. Most of the comments left on BuzzFeed expressed disgust at the project.

“What in the actual fuck?!!! OK, I get being proud of your womanhood and whatnot, but seriously ladies, this is just too much,” wrote Jannine Barris.

“Gonna use your stool and urine for some projects as well? No? Then stop trying to make this work,” echoed Staphanie Dudak.

“Periods are natural. But it is so goddam gross and unhygenic to be playing with it. This is like your grabbing logs out of the toilet and using them like crayons.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.