Bon Appétit Magazine Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Alt-Potato Tweet

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By William Hicks | 10:42 am, November 25, 2016
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The media is struggling in their coverage of the alt-right, a movement part white nationalists, part provocative social media bomb throwers. Critics claim outlets like CNN are normalizing the group with excessive media coverage.

But that didn’t stop food magazine Bon Appétit from capitalizing on the alt-right craze with a perhaps poorly timed potato joke.

bon appetit tweet


While it should be obvious that salt and vinger rösti is NOT in fact a racist, anti-globalist conspiracy of potatoes, some on social media did not take kindly to the topical reference.


bon appetit tweet


Originally, Bon Appétit said they would not apologize for the crime of normalizing racist potatoes.


But then they did.

Thanks alt-right for making the term “alt” completely toxic now. What’s next, will Nickleback have to disavow alt rock? Will Marc Maron have to quit alt comedy? Will Hasbro have to stop selling those edgy Mr. Potato Heads?

Regardless, the alt right must be stopped.

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