Blake Lively Under Fire for Claiming She’s Part Cherokee in L’Oreal ‘Diversity Video’

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 1:47 pm, January 13, 2017

A new video featuring actress Blake Lively for L’Oreal designed to celebrate diversity has instead caused offense on the Internet after the actress disclosed she’s part Cherokee.

Lively — a paid spokeswoman for the make-up brand — was promoting the cosmetic line’s new True Match foundation and announced, ‘I’m English, Irish, German and Cherokee. So my family’s sort of from all over.”

Blonde haired, blue-eyed Lively appeared in the video alongside models Lara Stone and Hari Nef. She was keen to showcase her diverse credentials, announcing: “To look back far into my heritage and see where everybody came from, you know, it’s neat.”

She added: ‘It’s neat to be in this country that has such diversity and such culture. There’s such a variety of colors because everyone’s skin has such different nuances.”

However, the response was not diverse nor charitable, especially as Lively shot the campaign while she was pregnant with her second child with celebrity husband Ryan Reynolds. She gave birth to last September.

“Man, how did cover girl make the right skin tone for blake lively’s part cherokee skin?”, one Twitter cynic noted. “Unless you have suffered with Cherokee, don’t claim them now that it benefits you monetarily,” another irate user raged.

Brian Moylan, a Heat Street contributor, was also skeptical on social media: “The whitest thing about Blake Lively is that she says she’s part Cherokee.”

The controversy is reminiscent of President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” while on the campaign trail.

Lively is turning into the queen of unintentional uproar. She was involved in a bizarre controversy last summer when she was caught up in the “Oakland Booty” controversy after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption “LA face with an Oakland booty” — referencing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s lyrics in “Baby Got Back.”

At the time, nearly 50,000 social justice warriors signed a Care2 petition calling for her to donate 1% of her salary from her underwater horror movie The Shallows to shark conservation.