Black Tenant Slams Neighbor’s Noise Complaint As Racist ‘White Tears’

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By William Hicks | 3:21 pm, October 7, 2016
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This is not your typical noisy neighbor dispute.

In New York City’s Inwood neighborhood, a couple wrote their upstairs neighbor in their apartment building complaining about how he would “scream and stomp until almost 2 a.m.”

The noisy neighbor, Richard Brookshire, issued a blistering response accusing his neighbors of racial aggression and calling their note a “direct threat”.

“As a Black man, I take these overt actions as a direct threat to my physical and psychological well-being and as an act of violence upon me (see attached list of the 821 black men, women, and children killed by police or in police custody to date in 2016),” he wrote. “This threat cannot be taken lightly.”

Brookshire said that because he is black, he will make noise as he sees fit:

“In the words of Robert Jones Jr., ‘one of the greatest divides between white people and black people (or the wealthy and the not wealthy) is noise.’ Look forward to me continuing to make it at the volume in which I determine is acceptable.”

Here is the original note from the downstairs couple complaining about all the stomping and screaming:

nyc note


And here is Brookshire’s response, which he also posted on Facebook. In it, he tells his neighbors that he will “not be coerced to remedial action by your idle threats or seemingly pervasive white tears.”

nyc apartment fight 2

As you can see, Brookshire signed his letter with the Twitter hashtags Your #VeryBlack Neighbor and #blacklivesmatter.

Brookshire later wrote on Facebook that his neighbors have yet to read his letter as they are still in their “blissful white slumber.” He also claims his super told him they have been reported for noise complaints in the past, but with NO cultural excuse.

Hopefully the white slumber ends soon, and the drama will continue with more angry notes!

Update: White neighbor, David O. responds with another note.

I know this was probably dictated by the tone of my note, but please do not perceive me as just another narrow-minded white p—- scared of anything outside of his little white world. I have nothing in common with such people, and I would like to emphasize it once (again) that my note yesterday, rude as it was, was nothing more than a response to a late-night disturbance.