Black Lives Matter Hosted Black-People-Only Party on Memorial Day

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 6:53 am, June 1, 2017

A Black Lives Matter group in New York threw thrown a public “unapologetically black” Memorial Day party and barred non-black people from attending.

The party’s flyer

The “The People’s Turn-up” party, hosted at the Mayday Space organizing center in Brooklyn last Saturday, advised partygoers that the night was an “intentional space” and only people who identify as black are welcomed.

“Clear your calendar,” said the party invite read, first noticed by The Blaze.

“It’s a lituation! You’re invited to take part in the UNAPOLOGETICALLY Black festivities. Bring yourself, bring Bae (or come find Bae), whatever you like. We got you. We got us.”

Before the party, one of the party organizers, who goes by the name of Jewel Cadet on Facebook, wrote a note about who’s welcome to the party.

“When we say ‘The People’ we mean Black People,” the organizer wrote. “Being intentional around being around Black People is an act of resistance.

“This is an exclusively Black Space,” she added, noting that “if you do not identify as Black and want to come because you love Black People, please respect the space and do not come.”

The venue was evasive when Heat Street questioned them on whether holding racially-segregated events is legal.

Over Facebook, the Mayday Space organizing center told us that “it was a public event for those people within the organizing network that hosted it, but not something that Mayday advertised to our entire network.

“Largely because it was intended as a space for Black-identified people to come together in community.”

The center did not respond to a follow-up question about the legality of barring people from entering a “public event” on the basis of race.

The Black Lives Matter party flyer also claimed that it was “an intentional space” where “body-shaming, sexism, transphobia, fatphobia, toxic masculinity, or any acts of violence (small or large)” won’t be tolerated.

One attendee of the party asked whether there is “a plan on how to deal with those (or other) things should they occur”. Kei Williams, another co-organizer of the party, said set security staff would enforce them.

“We have security in the space, along w/ vibe checkers,” the moderator wrote. “If these things occur folks can find one of those persons/or see myself, Jewel, or Al as we are lead coordinators.

“It will not be tolerated & if this happens individuals can be asked to leave.”