Black Lives Matter Defends Starbucks Barista Who Says He Spat in Police Officer’s Coffee

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 6:46 pm, December 30, 2016

Black Lives Matter activists have thrown their support behind the actions of an anonymous Starbucks barista who claims he spat in the drink of a law enforcement officer he was serving in troubled Stockton, California.

The claim was made on the “Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page,” an anti-police Facebook page that posts alleged instances of police misconduct. In the post, which has since been set to private, the administrators wrote the following message to accompany a photo of a man and his family:

“We are happy to report that today this officer from the Stockton Police Department got to have coffee at Starbucks…served with a side of spit. They even gave it to him with a smile and a nice comment.”

On the same page, its administrators also claim to have obtained the dox (personal information) of members of the police, threatening supporters of law enforcement to back off:

“Kindly cease all personal attacks against our page’s supporters, and tell your pig friends (and others) to do the same .. It would be a shame to see your place of business show in searches to be in support racist and hateful people such as those calling for the deaths of protestors, and referring to African Americans as monkeys and animals; u get the picture.”

Speaking to FOX40, the Stockton Police Department says that they are investigating the incident but have been unable to find evidence thus far that an employee at the Starbucks in question spit into the officer’s coffee.

Starbucks has also denied the allegation.

“We are proud of our relationship with the Stockton Police Department, who initially notified us of this rumor,” read the statement. “We can confirm there is absolutely no truth to this post, and we are disappointed with the suggestion.”

But Black Lives Matter representatives in Stockton not only told FOX40 that the spitting incident happened; they also defended the spitter. A spokesperson from the anti-police movement told FOX40 that the anonymous barista spat in the officer’s drink because a family member of his was upset with the police for turning a blind eye to race related issues.

“It really happened…we gave you all the proof we could without throwing someone under the bus,” they said.