Bi George! Gay Pop Star Under Fire For Mocking Bisexuality

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By Heat Street Staff | 9:18 pm, January 2, 2017

This is bizarre…and not fake news.

Boy George, the flamboyant, gay eighties pop star, has landed in a ton of trouble for comments about bisexuality that some gay activists reckon disrespect the same LGBTQ community that the Culture Club frontman has proudly been at the vanguard of for three decades.

The trouble arose when Boy George, who coincidentally made his debut Monday night as a contestant on the new “Celebrity Apprentice” poured lighthearted cold water over dubious claims by Fadi Fawaz, the boyfriend of Boy George’s late musical contemporary George Michael, that his Twitter account had been hacked after it posted messages that claimed Michael had committed suicide.

Inferring the George Michael suicide tweets from his boyfriend were in fact real, Boy George tweeted: “‘My computer got hacked’ is like ‘I’m bisexual’ or ‘I’m sniffing because I have allergies.'”

Cue a backlash from bisexual activists and groups that he was trivializing bisexuality:

The man himself, who had a complicated history with George Michael, tried to have his cake and eat it. He deleted the offending Tweet but came out fighting against his detractors:

Confusingly enough, in the past Boy George has himself tweeted he is bisexual and has been hacked: