Beyonce Attacked For ‘Stealing Culture’ With Her Africa-Themed Baby Shower

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 11:33 am, May 23, 2017

Beyonce held an African-themed baby shower…and ended up getting called out for cultural appropriation.

The Lemonade singing superstar, whose father is African-American and mother is of Louisana Creole descent, shared images on Instagram of the shower to celebrate her impending twins. The pics prominently showed off her henna decorated bump and showed her and husband Jay Z in African attire:

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Cue an eruption of goodwill? No. Instead the backlash to Beyonce’s postings—which she dubbed the “Carter Push Party”—came fast and furious. It revolved around the perception the singer uses Africa to promote her image while not performing concerts in the continent.

“Beyonce always quick to jump on African vibes but…quick to forget there’s actually a Continent called Africa when drawing her tour maps”, said Michelle. “Always Africaning, never in Africa” noted Wambui Waiganjo.

This wasn’t the work of just a few stray Beyonce haters either.

Many people have pointed out that far from ignoring Africa, Beyonce has been to Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa in recent years.

The woman herself is likely taking this backlash in her stride. Well, if your Instagram posts were worth $1 million, you would too.