Beyonce Fans Wish Death on ‘White Anchor’ Tomi Lahren After Falling for Fake Tweet

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:52 pm, December 29, 2016

Beyonce fans have been angry with The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren ever since she dared to criticize the Queen Bey herself, back in February.

That was when the outspoken conservative personality drew weeks of social media ire from “the Beyhive” — or Beyonce’s rabid fans — after arguing that Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance was an homage to the Black Panthers and a crass attempt to commodify the Black Lives Matter movement.

And now the attacks have begun anew. Wednesday night, the “Beyhive,” got taken in by a fake Tweet that appeared to show Tomi throwing shade on Beyonce’s artificial hair extensions.

Not content to “take the high road,” like Beyonce herself (the singer asked Lahren to use clips of Lahren’s rant in her stage show), crazed Bey fans began Tweeting about Tomi Lahren’s “death” using the hashtag #RIPTomiLahren.

Then lefties, fooled into thinking that Lahren had actually passed away, piled on the hashtag to ghoulishly celebrate the faux demise of the 24 year old University of Nevada-Las Vegas graduate.

Because the Internet is horrible, the hashtag got so popular, it trended nationally on Twitter.

Unfortunately, it became clear very quickly that Tomi Lahren could not be killed by the collective will of Beyonce fans, was not a casualty of 2016’s rash of celebrity deaths, and is very much still alive and in control of her Twitter account.

This gave way to a whole new wave of bizarre tweets.

Lahren seems completely unfazed by the Internet hate. And is, yes, alive and well.

We checked.