Berlin May Ban ‘Sexist’ Billboards Showing ‘Dumb’ or ‘Hysterical’ Women

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By Nahema Marchal | 12:03 pm, June 20, 2017

Berlin, Germany is considering banning advertisements that portray women as “weak,” “dumb,” “smiling without reason” or “completely controlled by their emotions” according to local reports.

The digital new site The Local reports that Berlin’s “red-red-green” alliance of socialists, leftists and greens already agreed last year to ban advertisements that sexualized women from the city’s billboards. The next move for public officials is to extent the measure to all content deemed “sexist”

How exactly they plan to differentiate “sexist” from “sexualizing” content remains to be seen.

But on Monday, German daily Der Tagesspiegel provided some pointers.

According to the paper,  ads which would be forbidden under the new rule include ones showing a woman who is simultaneously attractive and “weak, hysterical, dumb, insane, naÏve, or completely controlled by their emotions,” as well as ads in which “a woman is barely dressed and smiling without reason, while a man is completely and comfortably clothed.”

Such images give the impressions that the two sexes aren’t “equal” according to the Left Party.

While the paper does not specify whether it will be okay to show an ugly, stoic communist alongside a naked tree-hugger, the proposal has nonetheless been warmly welcomed by the Green Party and the Social Democrats, according to Tagesspiegel.

The conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) on the other hand, were less enthused, arguing that politicians “have no right to interfere in the free market.”

Deutsche Welle reported that the progressive government, which came to power in 2016, also aims to make Berlin greener by banning cars from the city’s central boulevards and wants to improve the city’s treatment of refugees.

The move follows a similar one in France earlier this year. Back in March, following public outrage over a string of “porn chic” ad campaigns by legacy fashion house Yves Saint Laurent — oh so French — Paris officially declared a ban on all “degrading” ads.

If Berlin’s plans are not yet official, something tells me it will be quite some time before you see another sexy German maiden advertising beer for Oktoberfest.