Berkeley Is Still On: Gavin McInnes to Read Ann Coulter’s Speech Protected By Army of Proud Boys

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By William Hicks | 1:59 pm, April 27, 2017
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Yesterday Ann Coulter cancelled her speech at Berkeley, citing a lack of support by the speech organizers and the university administration who claimed they could not find a safe venue. The speech was supposed to be heavily protested with threats of violence from anarchists and other leftist groups.

But fear not, Anne Coulter’s speech will still be read, technically. Vice founder and conservative provocateur Gavin McInnes vowed in a YouTube video to give the speech at a yet to be announced location in Berkeley. Lauren Southern also plans to speak at the event.

Their presence will no doubt attract attention by antifas groups like By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), but McInnes will be protected by Proud Boys like Kyle Chapman AKA Based Stickman.

“If she does not show we will have our own speech,” Stickman told The Daily Caller. “We are going to show up and the rally will go on in some form or fashion and we will be victorious”

The Proud Boys are a quasi-men’s rights group started by McInnes to promote Western values, unapologetic masculinity and not masturbating. Two weeks ago in Berkeley, Proud Boys clashed with antifas, some armed with baseball helmets, gas masks and flag poles.

All evidence points to quite the show this evening. Heat Street will be sure to update with plenty of YouTube and Periscope videos of rightwingers and leftists beating the shit out of each other.