Australian Man Shamed as a ‘Harasser’ Turns Out to Be Autistic Guy Who Likes High Fives

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By William Hicks | 12:57 pm, October 11, 2016
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A prime example of the dangers of outrage culture and online public shaming occurred in Melbourne, Australia. A self-described feminist posted a man’s picture to Facebook who she said had “intimidated multiple young Asian women” on the tram, reported the Daily Mail. The post went viral garnering almost 10,000 shares, with some threatening to physically assault the “harasser.”

Well, turns out the man in question, described as a “festering turd of a human being” was well-known to commuters in Melbourne as an autistic man who liked giving people high fives. He would go up to strangers and request high fives in an apparently strange manner, behavior the Facebook feminist perceived as harassment.

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People begged the woman to take down the post, but it took a long time before the post was finally removed.

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When commenters pointed out the man’s disabilities it actually ignited an online debate as to whether disabled people should be responsible for making others uncomfortable on public transportation. Really.

It appears that the man and his family are being harassed, while the woman who made the original post is receiving threatening dick pics. Thus the cycle of toxic online outrage culture comes full circle.

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