Apology Time: I’m Sorry for Kink Shaming Kurt Eichenwald

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By William Hicks | 2:54 pm, June 9, 2017
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This is a mea culpa.

Yesterday I ecstatically wrote a series of articles, fired off a dozen tweets and shared various memes making fun of journalist Kurt Eichenwald just for viewing Japanese cartoon pornography called Hentai. 

One of the many photoshopped images I callously laughed at yesterday.


But I was wrong for kink shaming. Kurt deserves better. I’m an American, and god dammit I believe every American deserves to partake in whatever fucked up pornographic pursuits (except CP), free of judgment. Kurt is a gentle, anime-titty-loving soul and he did not deserve the inordinate amount of bullying he received on Twitter.com.

As a constitutionalist, I acknowledge kink as a First Amendment right.

The public shaming ritual was so bad that Kurt was forced to hide his real feelings about Hentai, and concoct an elaborate excuse. He claimed he was simply discussing tentacle porn at the dinner table with his loving wife and two (adult) sons and that led him on an investigative quest into Japanese pornography.

It’s okay Kurt, I’m here. You can tell us how you really feel.

Bullies on the left and the right (including me) were so busy kink shaming Kurt, we forgot to look in a mirror. Put yourself in Kurt’s shoes. Imagine if the last porn video you saw was put on public display. I certainly wouldn’t want everyone finding out I watched “Addams Family cuckhold fetish, where Gomez Addams gets cucked by Cousin It, while watching from the boudoir.” It would be terrible for my career!

So next time, think before you tweet. I know I will.

Do we want to live in a world where looking at anime titties is some kind of Scarlett letter? Or should we aim for a better world, a sex positive utopia where we can proudly proclaim our love of anime women, tentacles and whatever other kinds of degeneracies found on the Internet?

I know which I choose.

I’m sorry, Kurt.

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