American Idol Star Bo Bice: Popeye’s Was Racist To Me, Called Me ‘That White Boy’!

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By William Hicks | 1:56 pm, January 4, 2017

It’s a dark secret in America, the prejudice faced by runner-up American Idol contestants. We all know that when Justin Guarini lost to Kelly Clarkson in 2002, America cast him in the gutter like a half eaten chicken burrito.

And Bo Bice (2005 runner-up to the much better looking and successful Carrie Underwood) faces similar societal oppression and it needs to stop.

When purchasing fried chicken at a Popeyes in the Atlanta Airport he’s claiming he was the victim of “racial prejudice” despite the fact he’s white. Bice alleged that a black employee made fun of his name, calling him “Bo Bo” and referred to him as “that white boy.”

After the incident, Bice called the franchise manager and asked for the employee to be suspended and given sensitivity training. He also asked that Popeye’s post a public apology on their Facebook page.

Popeye’s has suspended the employee but has not posted a social media apology.

Bice also wrote a strongly worded post about the incident on Facebook which Facebook took down following user complaints. Now he is calling Facebook “communists” and claims he will delete his account.

“Facebook deleted my post last night and in turn silenced the opinion of all of you and me who are tired of the racist double standards that have infested our society,” he wrote in a later post.

Whether or not Bice will be able to win his battle with both racist Popeyes and commie Facebook, it is clear that American Idol runner-ups do not get enough respect in this country. When will the nation learn that winning is not everything and losers still need to eat chicken?

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