Amazon Yanks ‘Allah’ Doormats After Complaints

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By Heat Street Staff | 1:17 pm, December 5, 2016
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Amazon has decided to stop selling doormats bearing the name of Allah after complaints from British Muslims who said they were offended by the product.`

For weeks, a handful of Muslims had complained about the mats on Twitter, saying it was offensive for people to wipe their feet on the name of Allah. Eventually, a Birmingham Labour councillor, Mariam Khan, tweeted about the mats, also reaching  out directly to Amazon. The online retailer stopped selling them soon thereafter.

This isn’t the first time Amazon’s doormat offerings have caused controversy. Earlier this year, Hindus were angered by doormats showing several dieties, including Shiva, Vishnu, Krisna and Ganesha. Amazon removed the mats after #BoycottAmazon began trending in India.

But Amazon still offers doormats depicting Jesus. One mat for sale shows the poster from Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” while another portrays “Jedi Jesus,” holding a cross like a light saber.

By deadline, Amazon did not respond to Heat Street’s request for comment.