Amazon Pulls ‘Sexy Burka’ Costume After Complaints of Cultural Appropriation, Racism

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:17 pm, October 7, 2016 was forced to remove a ‘sexy burka’ costume being sold by a third-party retailer after it received an avalanche of complaints about the skimpy outfit, ranging from cultural appropriation to racism.

The costume, which features a full-on niqab-style head and face covering paired with a super-short embellished dress, quickly had a wide variety of users seeing red.

“This is ridiculous. Dressing up like other cultures for the alleged purpose of “having fun” is not okay. Especially when, in a lot of cases, people who buy and wear costumes like this do it solely as a way to make fun of the culture, not as a form of appreciation,” noted one one-star reviewer.

Others were not so reasonable. “Is this some sort of mockery to the religion? one of the reviewers asked. “Whoever you are, fear Allah,” the user added.

After reviewing the item, Amazon pulled it from sale, noting that the product was no longer available becuase it failed to meet the sites user guidelines. Third-party retailers must abide by Amazon’s terms of service, which apparently includes not selling “offensive” costumes.

You can still find the corresponding “Saudi Sheik” male costume on the site, however.