Alt-Right Meltdown After Tweets About the ‘Jewish Question’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 1:06 pm, December 27, 2016

The civil war within the Alt-Right has degenerated into total meltdown. After one major figure of the movement started openly talking about “the Jewish Question” on Twitter, a major drama ensued and he was banned from attending the hottest white nationalist prom–the so-called “DeploraBall”.

Tim Treadstone, better known on Twitter as Baked Alaska, tweeted that it’s “very interesting” that “Jewish people run 95% of American media” and then asked: “Internet: Why do you want to gas the Jews?”

This sparked the another civil war battle within the movement, whose adherents have relentlessly tried to sanitize and normalize their movement into the mainstream, by attempting to purge white supremacists such as Richard Spencer and other openly white nationalists.

Mike Cernovich, who has been attacked by his fellow Alt-Righters as a “cuck” for describing Spencer as “controlled opposition”, took the matter into his hands and banned Treadstone from attending the “DeploraBall”.

The so-called “DoploraBall” is the ultimate prom night on January 19th, organized to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory. The event page claims, however, that it has nothing to do with Alt-Right. Tickets for the event, which are already sold out, were priced from $99 for a standard ticket to $2,500 for a “Host Committee Ticket”.

In messages published by Treadstone on Twitter, Cernovich is seen criticizing him for tweeting about the “Jewish Question”, saying “f***ing act like it man, no more f*** ups, no Nazi salutes, no JQ bulls***”. He threatened to disinvite Treadstone from the event if he didn’t stop talking.

The infighting didn’t stop. After banning Treadstone for anti-Semitic tweets, he invited Milo ‘I’m-not-Alt-Right’ Yiannopoulos to the event as a headliner. Treadstone then published an email in which Yiannopoulos allegedly explained that his employer, Breitbart News, would only be interested in funding the event if he’s the host/headliner.

“What a shallow scumbag,” Treadstone wrote on Twitter. “Milo has joined Deploraball after my ban, would only come if he’s the headliner.”

This caused a reaction from Yiannopoulos, who allegedly wrote to him saying Treadstone had broken the terms of a non-disclosure agreement despite “repeated warnings.” He added: “Would you like to have papers served at your mom’s house in Alaska or in LA?”

Treadstone did a Periscope session in which he’s heard calling Cernovich, Yiannopoulos and others “cucks” for being afraid to raise questions, like the “Jewish Question”, while happily slamming Islam.

He talked about how “red-pilled” he is and announced his new country album, which he claimed would help the Alt-Right win the culture war.

Cernovich, simultaneously also doing a Periscope session, which was later deleted for unknown reasons, confirmed the messages to Treadstone and called him a “junkie”.

Cernovich continued, “If you like to joke, crack some jokes, troll a little bit, be edgy – I’m pro-Trolling, I’m pro all that stuff. But if you actually hate Jews, actually hate black people, actually hate gay people, actually hate white people – don’t follow me. Just go.”